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Fight4Life’s programs are designed to provide proactive education and reactive support, when and where it is required, for active duty and retired members of the IAFF L268.

Our core work is in educating proactively about stress before it becomes detrimental, bringing awareness to the impact events experienced in a Firefighters career can have and providing tools to assist in building and reinforcing resilience. It is our aim to assist a healthy and positive life and work experience for all members in our mission statement.

Since being confirmed as a registered charity in January 2020, we have already funded 2 courses available to Halifax Professional Firefighters via online learning (due to COVID restrictions), focused on the foundations of resilience.

Our programs are developed with the expertise of Michael Sears, Fight4Life President and Operations Captain with the Halifax Professional Firefighters, and with the advice and support of our board, represented by engaged and supportive community members and professional firefighters.

Micheal Sears, Operations Captain with Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency