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The charity association Fight4Life is a project of commitment and passion, founded to honour the memory of Kyle Currie, who was a Halifax Professional Firefighter from 2008 to 2018.

Following Kyle’s death, his friends and family searched for an opportunity to support firefighters living with mental distress, with a desire to make a very local impact on the friends and colleagues that supported Kyle in the Halifax professional firefighters IAFF Union 268.

Realizing that more could be done to provide local and targeted support, the organization Fight4Life was founded by Michael Sears (friend of Kyle and veteran of professional firefighting for 17 years), and Claudia Currie (Kyle’s mother). Their intention is to directly support professional firefighters in the region where Kyle served.

The name Fight4Life symbolizes the constant battle – both physical and mental – that a firefighter faces in the name of their community throughout their career. Our ambition is to provide any support and assistance we can so they are not facing that fight alone.

Kyle Currie, IAFF L268 member from 2008 to 2018

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